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Poverty is a complex issue which needs a complex organisational response.

VIKAS, over a period of last 33 years, has evolved from a small organisation into a cluster of organisations collectively attempting the issues of poverty and under-development.

VIKAS, as a part of its development strategy, has facilitated initiation of organisations with specific mandate and mission sharing a common vision.

The role of VIKAS is to initiate and strengthen democratic organisations of the poor at various levels which understand, articulate and address the issues of poverty. It is VIKAS' endeavour to help set up membership based organisations of the poor at block levels, which are owned and controlled by them. In order to achieve this objective, VIKAS has designed decentralised system of operation comprising of Field Support Units in respective blocks and cities supported by Central Support Unit based in Ahmedabad.

VIKAS has also initiated Saline Area Vitalization Enterprise (SAVE) and Lok Vikas Nidhi (LVN) as associate organisations addressing the technological, marketing and credit needs of organisations of the poor.

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